Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nothing Exciting

Since I finished piecing both large Schnibbles quilts (Harvey and Double Dutch) there was some necessary, but un-exciting sewing and chores to do. 

I pieced backings for both quilts, pieced some leftover batting to make useable pieces, and basted Harvey.

I tried to use the board-basting method, but for some reason, the backing would not roll up straight and even.  So, I used my old standby method - I taped the backing, batting, and quilt top to the floor.  I wasn't sure how that was going to work because I haven't tried to get down on the floor since I had both knees replaced in April.  I was able to get down without too much problem.  Finding a comfortable way to sit and/or lay to baste was more of an issue.  But, two hours later, Harvey was all basted. 

Getting back up off the floor was a bit harder than getting down :-).

In other news, I purchased the PDF pattern for Stems, the November patterns for the Schnibbles and a Little Bit More sew-along. 

This one is a Fig Tree pattern.  I have an idea to make it into a Christmas quilt - if I make some progress on quilting Harvey next week, I may get started on this little guy.

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  1. Hey,min haven't had knees replaced and getting off the floor is harder than getting down!