Thursday, March 5, 2015

World's Biggest Pincushion?

My friend and co-worker, Diana, celebrated her birthday in February.  She recently caught the quilting bug so I wanted to make her something sewing-related for her birthday.

I knew I wanted to make a pincushion and I knew I wanted it to have hexagons on it.  I found this pattern on the Moda site and thought it looked similar to what I had in mind.

I modified the pattern by not using the petals and by using a solid fabric for the side and bottom, but I did use hexagons for the top and I used the overall same size as the pattern called for.

Here's the finished product:

This pincushion is HUGE!!! It's 6 inches across and 3 inches high.  Diana can probably get 1000 pins in this pincushion!

Here's the pincushion from the top:

I added a package of  "button" topped pins from JoAnn's and one special "cupcake" pin made from polymer clay that I ordered online, but that arrived too late to photo before I had to give Diana the pincushion.

She loves it, so even though it's gigantic, I know it will get used.

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