Monday, December 7, 2015

Allietare Week 2 - falling behind

Well it's Week 2 of the Allietare Mystery Quilt Along. I had last Monday off so I was able to get the almost 300 half square triangles sewn. It took me the rest of the week to trim them down to 2" squares (I use the eight at a time method).

We were away for most of this past weekend so I only managed to get all my pieces cut - nothing sewn.

I took this coming Wednesday off from work to go to the doctor, finish my Christmas shopping, sew 25 Ornaments for all my employees, and maybe sew a few of these units.

I know, it's probably not all going to happen. Sigh... A girl can wish can't she? Maybe the elves will make time stretch...

Don't forget to check out Bonnie Hunter's blog to see how everyone else is progressing with the mystery.


  1. I think the cutting takes the most time, so you are over half-way, and the week is only half over.

  2. I agree with Vireya...the longest part is done, now it's just chain piecing.

  3. Don't think of yourself as being BEHIND. You are working on your own time frame! No harm in that!!