Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back in Boston

I reached my 24th anniversary at work last weekend - 6 more years until I retire!  We get five personal days every year on our anniversary and I had one personal day left to use up by Saturday, so we took off for a three day weekend in Boston.

We stayed in our favorite hotel near Faneuil Hall, Marriott's Customs House. It's the tall building with the clock tower in this picture I took in November.

This building is so unique! It actually was the US Customs House for the port in Boston in the 1800's.

This dome with the US Seal is about three stories up and visible from the lobby. (It gives me vertigo to look up at it!!)

This is the workings of the clock mechanism - it's really neat.  This is the recreation room with game tables - there's even a small movie theater.

Technically, this is a timeshare property, but you can also book a room just like a regular hotel.

This trip, we decided to check out the neighborhood around Copley Square, four T stops away from Government Center.  The John Hancock and Prudential towers dominate the skyline in this area of Boston. This is the Hancock tower.

We decided to stroll around the public library and were really impressed with the architecture of this building.

 Look at these metal doors! Beautiful.

On either side of the staircase midway ip to the first floor are the huge lions. Look at the amazing painting gracing the walls!

Wow! They just don't make buildings like this anymore!

This is the main reading room - shouldn't all libraries be like this? So classic!

What about the ceiling decoration in the reading room? Can you imagine how long it took to make all those plaster flowers?

We spent several great hours touring the library and seeing all it has to offer, then we walked through Prudential Center indoor mall. The stores are mostly super high end boutiques, so we just window shopped.

The weather was great and we enjoyed another relaxing weekend in our favorite city.

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