Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cindy goes to Paris

Although I though I was finished with the Schnibbles quilt along, this month Sinta and Sherri gave us the option to make any Schnibbles pattern.  It just so happens that one of the quilts on this year's "to do"  list is a Schnibbles pattern, Cindy Lou Who.  So I found myself Schnibbling again with a couple charm packs of Paris Flea Market, by Three Sisters.

I'm not in love with the finished quilt top, which is so disappointing because I really love the fabrics - all of them. 

I think my problem with the quilt top is that I drew the pattern out on graph paper and colored it in using colored pencils.  The result was a design I loved, but with solid color against solid color, not pattern against pattern as in the actual quilt.  My eye seems to need negative space and a less busy composition.  I think I would have liked this quilt better if I replaced most of the neutrals in the snowball and half-snowball blocks with tone-on-tone or solid fabrics.  Lesson learned.


  1. It looks nice to me Jackie! I like the pop of the red. I guess sometimes we have trouble with the ones that didn't turn out like we pictured them. At least I do :-)

  2. The color and tone on tones would have made that pattern pop. I love the pattern but I agree with you that simple may have been better. Thanks for sharing your lesson learned. I have too many to share. Judy C in NC

  3. Very cute and such pretty fabrics--very shabby chic, I think! I wasn't going to do any Schnibbles this year either because of all the UFO's piled up, but couldn't resist picking my own choice!

  4. I have to say it reminds me of a game board. Not sure why, that's just what comes to mind. I've not been in love with all of my Schnibbles either. It can be hard to tell what they're going to look like when you start. I think it would make a great table topper with a nice floral arrangement in the center. The fabrics would set it off nicely.