Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Phew! I'm glad a New Year is starting because 2014 was an emotionally and physically challenging year.  In March we lost my 94 year-old grandmother; in April I had both knees replaced and am still recovering; in August we lost our 15 year-old dog, Maggie; and in September we lost my 23 year-old niece, Meghan.  There was also a lot of joy in 2014: in June my niece, Kate, got married and in September we welcomed  my great-nephew, Brennan.  Between the funerals and the wedding, I saw many relatives multiple times and that part is always nice.

Who knows what 2015 will hold, but as Jo mentioned in a recent blog post, I pray to be more happy than sad and to that I'll add that I'd like for my family and myself to be more healthy than sick or injured.

Looking back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of 2014, I accomplished a few:

  • Celtic Solstice - finished
  • Ohio Star - did not finish
  • Pinwheel Panache - abandoned and fabric re-purposed
  • Meadow Lark charm square quilt - from the book Back to Charm School by Country Threads (I changed the pattern name) - in progress as a "leader and ender" project
  • Cindy Lou Who - a Schnibbles charm square quilt - top finished
  • Make a wool candle mat - did not do
  • Additional monthly mini quilts, possibly wool versions - no wool versions, 4 new mini quilts completed
  • Quilt all unquilted projects (including Anne's Log Cabin, all unquilted Schnibbles, and the 2012 bird quilt) - quilted only Celtic Solstice and Gentle Art, which still doesn't have the binding finished
  • Make at least one charity quilt - did not do
  • Learn English paper piecing - Grandmother's Flower Garden in progress as a long-term project (36 hexies flowers completed so far)
  • Complete the Weekender Bag - did not do
  • Make a quilted jacket - did not do
  • Knit a simple shawl - did not do
  • Finish the Adelphi Hotel cross stitch piece for my husband - did not touch
  • Use stash fabric whenever possible - I did try to do this such as in Cindy Lou Who, Meadow Lark, Whit, the monthly mini quilts and Harvey.
I met a little less than 50% of my goals for the year.

Here's a look at everything I did work on:

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