Monday, June 10, 2013

Vintage Schnibbles project for June

This month’s Vintage Schnibbles project is Dulcinea.  The central portion of the pattern is comprised of 16 windmill blocks.  I was trying to think up another name for my version and was toying with something with Don Quixote in the title because of the windmills.   Being acquainted with the story of Don Quixote, but never having actually read the book, imagine my surprise when I looked up the definition of Dulcinea and found that it means mistress or sweetheart, as in Dulcinea delToboso, the beloved of Don Quixote!!   That Carrie Nelson is very clever.  Since the line of fabric I’m using to make my version is Honey, Honey by Kate Spain, I’ve decided to name my version Don Quixote’s Honey.  

I generally try to cut all the fabrics I will need to start a project on Friday night.  That way, as soon as I have a chance on the weekend I can get right to sewing.  I put in a full day of sewing on Saturday and completely finished 4 windmill blocks.  

I like the accuracy of starting with larger blocks and cutting them to the correct finished size, but oh, the waste of pretty fabric!!

I’m all set to piece the remaining 12 windmill blocks – these colors are so happy!

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