Monday, October 7, 2013

Lakeside Farms Cider Mill

Last weekend we had both boys home so we made our annual trek to Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake, NY. 

I've been going to Lakeside a Farms since I was a little girl when I went with my parents and siblings. When I moved back to this area and got married, I started taking my husband and sons and it's become a yearly tradition for our family.

Inside the store is chock full with fresh produce and other locally made farm products like jams, jellies, sauces and soup mixes. There is also a bakery and deli as well as a fantastic breakfast and lunch restaurant. They still sell the same kinds of candies they did when I was a little girl including many kinds of candy sticks. 

Outside, there's the apple barn:

And hundreds of pumpkins. This little girl has hers all picked out:

You can buy cider donuts inside at the bakery counter, but we always buy ours from the trailer outside, fresh out of the deep fryer, still warm and covered with cinnamon sugar:

On weekends, the Cider Witch makes appearances from the roof of the farm store where she throws candy down to the kids:

We had a great time on our yearly visit. If you are ever up this way in the fall, make sure to stop by Lakeside Farms for a glass of cider and a donut (or two).


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  1. I would love to stop by there and enjoy all of those wonderful things!