Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Update

We have trees!! Last Friday the landscapers installed two new, October Glory, maple trees.  The leaves are supposed to turn bright red in the fall.  The little Japanese maple tree was moved to the front of the bed where it can be seen from the road.
See that pallet of stone at the back of the bed?  That’s the flagstone for the new walkway that will be installed this week, along with the dry stream bed.  I think they will have to move a few of the hostas to install the dry stream; hopefully they survive the move – we’re having a heat wave this week with temperatures in the 90’s every day.
The side yard is starting to look good again.
My daylilies are looking great!  I don’t know what the name of this particular lily is, but I really love the pink/burgundy color.  I wanted something different than the standard yellow.

How do you feel about impatiens?  I know they are used everywhere, but they do so well for me and they are so pretty.

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  1. Your gardens are looking great! Love that pink w/ burgandy-lime eye day lily.