Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nearing the finish line

I can just about see the finish line as far as piecing the log cabin blocks goes!  75 are done, 25 have the first of three rounds done:

24 have been sewn into 4-block units:

I’m going to try to quilt each of the 4-block units individually and then piece them together.  I cut out 24” squares of the backing fabric.  I plan to trim the batting even with the edge of the top when each unit is quilted, then fold back the edge of the backing and sew the units together.  Once they are sewn together, I will overlap one edge of the backing over another, folding under the seam allowance, then I will hand sew the seam allowance down.  If it doesn’t work out too well, I’ll hand sew some ribbon over the seams in the back.  I’ll let you know how it turns out. J 
On another note, Maggie and I were both suffering from our various arthritis pains – my knees were hurting because I did too much and was on my feet too long.  I felt better after putting my feet up and sitting on the screen porch and I’ll be going for Euflexxa shots in both knees today.  Miss Maggie usually keeps me company on her bed in my sewing room, but she couldn’t even make it all the way down the stairs.  She made it to the landing, half-way down, and that’s where she stayed. 

She did make it downstairs to sleep last night, but she had a difficult time coming back up this morning.    She’s been taking prednisone to help with her allergies and the arthritis, but I’ll call the vet and see if there’s something else we can do for her.  Poor old girl.

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