Friday, November 29, 2013

Charity Quilts

Some of the folks at my office adopted a brother and sister for Christmas this year.  The girl is 5 and likes Tinkerbell, so I put together this “Quilt In A Day” for her.  


It could not have been easier to do.  After going through some of my scraps I found a number of width-of-fabric strips that became the basis for this quilt.  Most of the fabric was from my stash and I just cut it into varying widths from selvage to selvage.  I also found a piece o batting that was about 48 by 55 - perfect.  I purchased some pretty purple flannel Tinkerbell fabric for the backing.  

I watched this YouTube video by the Missouri Star Quilt company, but instead of spray basting, I  pin basted the batting and backing.  Also instead of starting at one end and working toward the other end, I started in the center and worked first toward one edge then the other.  I simply laid two strips, right sides together across the center of the batting/backing and sewed them together, quilting them to the batting/backing at the same time.  Continue building towards the edge in one direction, removing pins as you go, then turn the quilt around and build out toward the opposite edge. 
When you have covered the batting, or almost covered the batting, square up the edges and apply binding.  Easy-peasy.  My version finished at 42 X 50 inches.  Other than hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt, this was entirely completed in one day.  The flannel backing makes this quilt so soft and cozy.  I love it.  
We were told the 12 year old boy likes football and baseball but not given any teams he favors.  Since the generic football and baseball fabric at Joann’s was kind of juvenile for a pre-teen, I picked up one of those no-sew fleece throw kits with a football theme.  Instead of cutting the strips along the sides and tying it, per the directions, I sewed it right sides together around all the edges but leaving about 10" open for turning.  I turned it right sides out, folded the unsewn edges in and top stitched all the way around the throw.  I'm a lot happier with the finished edge look than the tied edges look.
Maggie wanted to get in on the picture.  In addition to all her skin, allergy, and arthritis issues, we just found out she also has diabetes.  So we met with the vet Wednesday to learn how to give her insulin injections and learn all about how to deal with this latest issue.  Poor pup, we just love her so much.  Whatever it takes to keep our sweet girl going, well, we're going to do it.  She's part of our family.

Remember theGoodbye Quilt, well Jo received it and plans to quilt it to donate to the victims of last week’s tornadoes in the Midwest.  I’ll post a picture of the finished quilt If she posts one on her blog or sends one to me.


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