Monday, November 18, 2013


The other side of my personality is the one that loves city life. We enjoyed a quick getaway to Boston for an overnight last weekend.

It was our third visit this year. We like to stay in what we now think of as "our neighborhood". For the last few years we always stay in the downtown Financial District, near Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. We like to wander these streets and have favorite restaurants and bars we like to visit.

On this trip, we spent time in the historic North End.  We wandered down Hanover Street to the statue of Paul Revere making his midnight ride, then past his home that's still standing. We ate at an Italian restaurant, Limoncello, that had awesome meatballs, and made our way into Mike's Pastry, where we had some delicious desserts.

Near our hotel is this men's clothing store that's in a building with some great windows. I always want to walk past this store. To my eyes, these look like hearts. I think this shop is either on Milk Street or Water Street.

Here's the Marriott Customs House by day and night (it's the tall building with the clock tower):

At night we took in the Celtics vs Magic basketball game (the Celts won!), then walked back to our hotel.

We love this city of Boston.


  1. It looks beautiful! The colour of the leaves on that tree is so vibrant.

  2. The men's store is on Milk Street right near my office. So happy you enjoy our lovely city. I'm a wee bit partial to it myself. :-)