Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Celtic Solstice - Week 5

I finally put the Easy Angle ruler to the test with the week 5 clue for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery quilt. And the verdict is... It works!

I have made the triangle units before and had nothing but trouble trying to get them to come out right, but with this method and this ruler, they were perfect. The quarter inch seam was maintained on all edges!

With the wind down after Christmas I was able to get all the units completed for this week's clue.

I still have to trim some of the week one units, but I plan to get to that today.  Did you notice that Bonnie has the reveal up on her blog today?  A nice New Year's surprise!!  Since the reveal is up, I may also try to start piecing the units into the two blocks, but since it's a rare day off with my husband, I want to spend some time hanging out with him. I'm a little unsure how my blocks will work out having only made half the blocks needed for Bonnie's small version.  I may have to piece a few more units to get things to work out right.

I used one of my Christmas gift cards to pick up some backing fabrics during Joann's great sale last week.  I found this nice flannel that matches the colors in Celtic Solstice perfectly:

The soft flannel should make a really cozy quilt.

How is your progress coming along? Hop on over to Bonnie's blog to see how everyone else is doing with their week 5 clues.

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  1. Great job with the flannel! It is going to be perfect. I sort of love how the orange/yellow squares with the white triangles on each side look like candy corn. Are you busy working away on the blocks now that they have been revealed?