Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I was supposed to make the backing for Celtic Solstice and get it basted last weekend, but I got distracted.

My son's college roommate and friend was here visiting from Vermont this weekend and I was busy cleaning and sprucing up after the holidays. Phew, do the wood floors ever get dirty with the winter snow, sand and salt being tracked in.  I know they'll be dirty again in no time, but for now they are gleaming again!

By Sunday afternoon, I was way too tired to piece a backing and get down on the floor to baste a quilt top.  Instead, I worked in another of my 2014 goals - to learn English paper piecing.

I have a small rotating cutting mat that really helps with cutting out the hexagons.

My hexagon template is 2 1/2", including seam allowance. I cut a bunch of strips into 2 1/2" width by about 18". I can get 6 hexagons out of each strip, perfect for one hexagon flower.

For my first project, I'm going to make a traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

I'm basting the hexagons using a fabric glue stick. It goes fairly quickly.

By bedtime on Sunday, I had completed my first EPP hexagon flower! I love it!

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