Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!!

Today is the Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year).

Two of my staff members are from China.  They always participate in our American holiday festivities, even when they don't really understand. For example, we had a contest for Christmas in which we handed out a sheet of paper with about 20 drawings that represent the titles of Christmas carols.  The person who got the most right won two movie tickets. Ching and Camilla had a really tough time with that contest, but they still played along and had fun.

So to help them celebrate the Lunar New Year, we're planning an office party with traditional  foods and snacks that would be eaten during the 14 day long Lunar New Year celebration and we asked them to teach us a little about their culture.

My contribution to the celebration is these fabric fortune cookies.

I found the directions to make the fortune cookies in the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

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  1. Cool idea. Very culturally inclusive. Great to see your workplace embracing it.