Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goal Progress

I got a little distracted from finishing Celtic Solstice over the last couple weeks. First I was distracted by another 2014 goal - learning English paper piecing. That's going great and I'm really loving it.  I was also distracted by our big move at work, but that's all done now and it's back to normal. The long holiday weekend earlier this month really helped me relax and rejuvenate.

My brother and his fiancĂ©e came last the weekend and we really enjoyed spending time catching up.  I also spent most of one day helping my niece shop for decorations for her upcoming wedding. It was really nice of her to ask me to go along.

But this weekend, I finally got the Celtic Solstice backing pieced, using this flannel fabric I found at Joann's

I just found out that three people I know are expecting babies this year. My boss and his wife are expecting a baby in June.  My brother Noah, and his wife Jennifer are expecting a baby in August, and my niece Kate and her fiance Ted, are expecting their little one in September.  I'm betting that at least one of those babies will be a girl, so I'm planning to quilt one of last year's Schnibbles quilts to use as a baby gift. I think this pastel Gentle Art quilt will be perfect. I added two more borders to bring it up to a more useful size.

Last year when I pieced this top, I wasn't in love with it.  When I saw all the other finishes during the parade that Sinta and Sherri host each month, there were some very effective versions with solid white backgrounds.  I decided that's what I didn't love about this quilt - I thought the background was too busy.  But looking at it again more than six months later, I decided I really do love this quilt.  The background no longer looks too busy.  It's a very feminine quilt and I hope someone's baby girl is going to love it, too.

 It's tough to get down on the floor with my arthritic knees, but as long as I was already basting Celtic Solstice, I figured I might as well baste Gentle Art too. I'm all set to get busy quilting next weekend.

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