Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Antique Finds

Jay and Courtney were here for the weekend again.  Courtney had a baby shower and house warming party to attend and while she was at the baby shower, Jay and I kept busy by going shopping.  He wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby and a local antique/furniture store looking for décor for his apartment.  Although Jay didn’t find anything worthy of his hard-earned cash, I did find a few interesting items.

This first one didn’t come home with me.  

It’s completely made of yo-yo’s.  The background is all blue and the border is blue, gold and white.  I was trying to figure out if the gold used to be red but I couldn’t tell.  The letters are smaller yo-yo’s appliqued over the background.  

I’m not sure it’s actually an antique, but it definitely looks “old”.  I think it’s very clever and could be adapted to so many sayings and/or holidays. 
Now this little cutie did come home with me:

Whether or not this was made in the 1930’s, the fabrics are old feedsack materials.  Some are slightly stained.  There are 15 small Dresden petals with the cute little fussy-cut dog appliqued on as the center. 

On the back there’s a larger piece of the dog material that serves to cover the wrong side of the petals.

I don’t think this was intended as a pot holder since there doesn’t appear to be any batting and it’s actually pretty small – it’s only about 5” across.  For only $5, I thought it was a good deal and it’s already hanging above my sewing machine.

After the antique store, Jay wanted to stop up at the outlet malls in Lake George.  Now if you ask me if I think it will be fun and/or a good idea to go to an outlet mall in a resort town two weeks before school starts, I’ll ask you if you have rocks in your head.  But I’ll do pretty much anything for my kids, so I drove us up there amid the ridiculous crowds of vacationers/back-to-school shoppers.   Jay didn’t find anything worth his money at the three or four outlet shops he went into, so thankfully, mercifully, he agreed to head home.  I am not really into shopping (except for fabric shopping) and I’m even less into crowds so malls in general are not my thing.

How about you?  Do you like shopping?  Do you mind crowds?

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  1. I love antiquing, and actually my husband and I went out doing just that on Saturday! I didn't find a cool yo-yo patriotic hanging, like you did, though. (I would have brought it home is the price was right and it wasn't in bad shape) We didn't buy anything, though, as we don't know yet if the things we already own are going to fit in our new house. I saw some cool things, though. I totally agree about other shopping--I hate malls and traffic--but like you, I would take my daughter there if she asked!