Monday, August 25, 2014

Next Up – Double Dutch

I have a list of UFO projects as long as my arm.  The vast majority of my UFO’s are Schnibbles quilts that need to be quilted.  I have the Ohio Stars that needs sashing strips and then to be assembled.  I have Anne’s Log Cabin quilt that needs some bad quilting removed and then to be re-quilted and assembled.  I really should work on one of those projects next, but that’s not what I’m going to do.  I’m going to start a new project and I’m so excited!  
Have you seen Carrie Nelson’s (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company) newest patterns?  They are fantastic! I want to make most of them.  I bought the PDF patterns for Double Dutch and 7 Letters.  Even though I have a bunch of charm packs already, The Thrifty Needle had a sale last week – 30% off all charm packs.  So, I bought more.  I bought some background fabric at Joann’s and ordered more.
First up will be Double Dutch.   

So far, I haven’t used the same or even similar fabrics for any Schnibbles quilt I’ve made and most of the time that’s worked out okay.  I had one epic fail, though.  It was Amy Lou Who.  

I really love that pattern.  I really love the fabric I used, Paris Flea Market.  I really hate the quilt that resulted.  The reds stick out like a sore thumb and the neutrals aren’t neutral enough for my taste.  It’s all too busy and, at the same time, too blah.
I hope I’ve learned my lesson.  This time around, I’m planning to stay close to the colors Carrie used in her sample.  I will have “yellow” and “blue” flying geese.  Instead of the linen that Carrie used, I’ll be using a very pale grey, Kona Silver.  I love almost all the fabric collections by 3 Sisters, the designers of the Paris Flea Market line.  When The Thrifty Needle had their recent sale, I picked up a couple charm packs each of the Lario and Printemps lines by 3 Sisters.  I’ll be using the yellows from both fabric lines, the pink and blue from Lario and the aqua from Printemps.  

I’ll save the reds and creams from those charm packs for another project.

For the yellow background, I’m using Kona Meringue.  For the blue background, I chose Kona Baby Blue.  All the charm squares that need to be cut are finished and I even started sewing some of the half square triangles for the “yellow” geese. 

It’s always fun to start a new project!

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  1. Oh I hate it when a pattern you love and fabrics you love are put together and just go blah. I know what you mean. All that hard work and the quilt just doesn't work. And yet, it did in my head! I've never bought Paris Flea Market. I always thought the reds were just too harsh in it. I do love 3 Sisters lines though. My favourite has been Etchings which I made a large quilt out if.