Friday, August 15, 2014

Catching Up

The summer sure is flying by!  

The first weekend in August we hosted my brother and sister-in-law who were in town for my niece’s baby shower.  It was really great to spend time with them both.  We love them to pieces and don’t get to see them nearly enough.   

The baby shower was great.  My niece, Sarah, and my sister, Anne gave the shower.  It was held at the local community center.  They did a fantastic job on the decorations and the food was excellent.  Lots of family and friends assisted with setting things up, bringing dishes to round out the food offerings, and helping to clean up.  Kate, the mom-to-be, received all the big items babies need and she won’t need to buy diapers for months!  I was so busy I didn’t remember to take any pictures!  And no, the baby quilt I’m making for the little one hasn’t moved even one inch closer to completion from the last time I posted about it.   

 That has to change soon!

This past weekend, our son Jason was in town with his girlfriend, Courtney.  It’s always nice to see them both.  I sure do miss having him living at home!

Although there hasn’t been a lot of sewing action going on at my house, I did get a few small things accomplished during the last two weeks.

I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t have a lot of red fabric.  I don’t really know why – I love red in quilts.  The lack of red fabric means a serious lack of red scraps.  But, I found enough to complete this all red log cabin block that will be incorporated into a mini quilt for September. 

After sorting through the scraps and cutting what I needed for the log cabin block, I cut all the rest of the red scraps using the Scrap Savers System – a la Bonnie Hunter.  I primarily cut 1 ½, 2, and 2 ½ inch strips and squares, with a few 5” squares.  I also cut up a red and white gingham shirt that had a big stain on it.  I loved that shirt but since it can’t be worn any more, I can still enjoy the fabric in quilts!  

It felt good to accomplish even a little cleaning up of the sewing area.  It had gotten a bit messy over the last month or so.

A quilt guild I belonged to about 20 years ago put on a quilt show this weekend and my wonderful son, Chris, volunteered to accompany me to the show on Saturday! He was a really good sport following me around the show and listening to my comments on all the quilts.  Next week I’ll post pictures I took at the show.

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