Monday, August 18, 2014

Hudson River Piecemakers 2014 Quilt Show

More than 20 years ago we rented a house for a year in Corinth, NY.  While we lived there, I joined my first quilt guild, the Hudson River Piecemakers.  At the time, meetings were held in the senior center about two blocks from the house we rented.  It was a small guild with mostly older women as members but they made my sister, Anne, and I feel welcome and we enjoyed the time we spent there.  

It’s been many years since I’ve had a reason to drive over that way – there really isn’t a convenient way to get there from where I now live.  It’s all winding, mountainous roads no matter how you go.  Last weekend, the guild held a quilt show.  While Chris and I were out shopping Saturday morning, I mentioned I wanted to go to the show at some point during the weekend.  Chris noted that we were about halfway there already so he volunteered to go with me!  What a great son!

This was a pretty small quilt show – held in a small high school gym, but it was very well presented.  The theme was “Summertime” and the decorations were fantastic!  They had summery vignettes set up all through the gym.  There was a bike outfitted with a basket filled with flowers;  a beach scene with an inflatable ring, sand bucket, shovel, and beach towel; and there was also a pretty garden bench with gardening tools and rubber boots, among other little scenes.

Of course, the main attraction was the quilts!  Without further ado, here are pictures of maybe half of the quilts:

Loved this Lone Star:

The maker of this quilt said it took her four years to complete – she kept putting it away then adding bits until it felt just right!  I love the appliqued flowers:

 How about this starry, scrappy happiness:

I really like this scrappy pineapple log cabin quilt.  I might have to make one similar to this:

How about this sampler quilt!  Don’t you love that envelope on the back for the label?

 This applique quilt was fantastic! So detailed and so many tiny pieces!

This was very simple, but effective.  A panel surrounded by coordinating patches:

I really liked this quilt:

This squirrel quilt is a modification of a commercial pattern featuring a bunny.  The quilting is amazing:

A pretty flower quilt using 30’s fabrics:

Two versions of Celtic Solstice, Bonnie Hunter’s winter 2013 Mystery Quilt:

There were also a few antique quilts, including this Log Cabin,

 miniature star blocks, 

and this pretty appliqued quilt:

Last of the pictures I took are the two quilts I voted for viewer’s choice, small and large.  My favorite small quilt was this blue and white log cabin:

My pick for the large quilt was this stunning star quilt. None of the star fabrics were solids, but they look it from a distance.  I think the black background is what really sets this quilt apart.  I love it:

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