Friday, August 29, 2014

Racing the Clock

Baby Brennan isn’t due for another four weeks but he’s already head-down and my niece is starting to dilate.  My sister had to take her other daughter back to college this weekend, so I was asked to stand in as surrogate Grandma in case he decided to make an early entrance – yikes!  

I was both relieved and disappointed that the baby stayed put and I didn’t have to play Grandma.  Disappointed because who knows when/if I’ll ever get that chance again.  When and if my sons get married and have children, their wives will probably not want their mother-in-law there for the birth.  Oh well.  

I was relieved because that meant I could still get the baby quilt done before the baby arrives!

Since the basting went so quickly, I had plenty of time to do the quilting on Sunday.  Because the manufacturer of the 80/20 batting suggested quilting 2” – 4” apart, several of the quilt designs I wanted to try would not have worked.   

Armed with some peanut butter M & M’s (they are so awesome!), I quilted straight lines with the walking foot along the sides of the squares.   


I used a variegated blue/yellow/green thread that blends in nicely.

I even had enough time left over to make the binding.   

There should be plenty here for the both the baby quilt and the September mini.  If that baby will just hold off for another week, I’ll get that quilt trimmed and bound.  I’m hoping to have enough time over the Labor Day weekend to also get the September mini quilted and bound. 

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