Monday, May 27, 2013

A UFO Sighting!

When I was in Arizona my Dad asked me to make him some denim pillow covers.  I knew I had some denim left over from a skirt I made a couple years ago so I pulled open a bucket in my sewing room and found this:

I started this watermelon wall hanging in either 1991 or 1992.  I chose the watermelon border fabric first and then used those colors to pick the solids.  The watermelon and rind are hand appliquéd; the seeds are fusible appliquéd then hand embroidered with a blanket stitch.  I even started the hand quilting way back when, but then gave up on it.
In the 20+ years since I put this project away, I’ve discovered I don’t like using a frame to hand quilt.  It’s easier for me to quilt it without the frame.  For sure I won’t be winning any awards for hand quilting anytime soon, but quilting without a frame works for me.
I’m going to keep at this in the evenings until it’s done.  I plan to hang this over my desk at work all summer.

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