Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chugging Along

Three more alternate blocks are finished, that makes a total of five so far!! 

With the new setting design, I don’t need any extra pieced blocks other than the third April block that I already made.  If I hadn’t already cut out the dark fabrics for the sashing squares I would have been able to strip piece these new blocks which would have made my life a lot easier.  With these new setting squares, I will have to cut down most of the dark squares, and then piece them each individually, but so far, it is faster than the square-in-a-square sashing. 
I am usually drawn to intricate or complex designs, but I’m almost always short on time and those two don’t mix.  I think I am finally beginning to learn that less work is usually better for me!  Either that or I need to double or triple the amount of time I give myself to complete a project!!

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