Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting Settled

I'm back from Arizona where I attended my youngest brother's wedding.

My brother Noah married his best friend, Jennifer, and added an instant family with her sons, Justin and Zachary.

They are all huge Star Wars fans and there were many references to Star Wars during the wedding and reception.  First, the date was a play on "May the Force Be With You" (May the Fourth...). 

The wedding march was the theme to Star Wars, there were chocolate candies in the shape of several Star Wars characters (sorry no pictures, I ate all of mine...), and the cake topper was Hans Solo and Princess Leia:

I got to spend a few days with many of my family members.  Because my sister, Kelly, couldn't be there, I gave her little grandson, Adam, some hugs and kisses for her:

Shortly after arriving home, I spent a few days with my son at his new apartment helping him get settled in.

I picked up Maggie from the kennel where she had a biopsy for a skin problem she's had for months.  You can't see the mess on her back in this picture from today, but believe me, it isn't pretty.  She seems none the worse for wear.  I sure hope the vet can figure out what's wrong with my girl.

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