Thursday, December 26, 2013

Awesome Christmas Gifts

This year was different in that none of my family could really think of anything we wanted for Christmas. So none of us really had a Christmas wish list but we did all get some things we needed, like new pajamas, a camera power cord to replace one that was lost, or, in my case, a new walking foot for my sewing machine.

My current walking foot is only three years old but it jumps, skips, and slams, then spits out black residue on my quilt tops. I tried to search the internet for what might be wrong with it, but couldn't really find a cause. So I received a new one for Christmas.

But that's not all - my family and friends know me so well, even though I didn't ask for anything, they still found, or made, awesome gifts for me.

I received two gift cards to Joann's that I will use for batting, thread, and Kona solids.

My husband gave me a gift certificate to my LQS that I'll put towards having a quilt long arm quilted.

Even though I asked my staff not to get me anything for Christmas, Diana, who also quilts, made me two fabric bowls:

I'll use the small one on my sewing table to gather stray threads and the large one on my cutting table to collect scraps too small to use.

I think these are awesome!! Diana also made me these coasters that will go perfectly on my porch.

When we went to the quilt shop hop in Massachusetts, I was looking for a candle mat pattern and couldn't find one I liked in my budget. Diana remembered that and for Christmas, she also gave me this fantastic candle mat pattern and some hand dyed wool to make it. Wow!

But my favorite quilting-related gift I received this year was from my son, Chris. He went to Maine last week to visit one of his friends from college. While there, he went to a quilt shop, Quilt Essentials, and picked out all this fabric for me:

Some Asian fabrics:


And hand dyed fabrics:

I'm pretty sure I would not have chosen any of these fabrics on my own, but I'm so impressed that he went in to the quilt store and picked them out himself!!  I think I'm going to try and figure out a way to use them all in one quilt that I'll give to him when it's done.

How was your Christmas? Did you receive any quilting-related gifts?


  1. How fun that your son went into a quilt shop! For me, the whole idea that someone would go "out of his comfort zone" is enough of a gift. The fabric, etc. would just be a bonus. I got some fun quilt things, too that I'll be sharing on my blog tomorrow, hoepfully!

  2. Hi Jackie, how cute your son in the quilt shop choosing a gift for you! That would be present enough for me too. I can not believe it, but my husband went out and bought me a brand new sewing machine, a Pfaff! I'm so lucky. He would have felt quite out of his depth too, but knew exactly what wanted and my local dealer knew and helped him out.