Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 4

For some reason, my photo stream hasn't been working the last week so I wasn't able to edit any photos or upload them to the web.  Blogs with no photos aren't as enjoyable to read, so I didn't post anything.

Anyway, it appears to be working now, so here's my week 4 progress on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt:

Thank you, Bonnie, for giving us some easy cutting and sewing for this week's clue! Bonnie knew we would all be stressed out and super busy on the last weekend before Christmas so she gave us the simplest cutting and sewing unit of all - four patches! For my mini version (half the blocks of the small version) I needed to complete 60 four-patch units.

Since this weeks unit was so easy and I was all ready for Christmas, I was able to catch up a little by finishing all the week two chevron units.  I'm about halfway done with the triangle in a square units from week one.

With the last two weeks, I'm finally getting into that scrappy groove and each unit has all different fabrics. I don't know which color combo I like better, but I really love the orange and yellow pinwheels!

I played around with a few setting options - I really like the one with the chevron blocks!

I'm a blue fan, so I hope there's more blue units to come.

Check out Bonnie's blog to see how everyone else is coming along.


  1. Your mystery parts look great so far!

  2. Your fabrics look beautiful! I'm sure there must be some more blue this week, as we have a lot of it left to use.