Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Midwinter Chip Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope you and all your family are enjoying a wonderful Christmas. We sure are here at casa Adirondack! 

The presents have all been opened - for the most part, we went practical and useful this year for everyone. 

We ate our traditional breakfast of Pillsbury's Orange Cinnamon Rolls - Yummm! (Plus some candy out of the stockings - when else do you eat candy for breakfast, except maybe Easter!)

We've thrown out all the wrappings and put away all the boxes. I'm seriously thinking about making fabric wrappings and tags for next year that can be reused for many years - although to be honest, at least one shirt box we used today was at least 20 years old.  We keep reusing them until they are just so falling apart they have to be put in the recycle bin!  New clothes are ready to be washed and we're all thinking about naps.

I'm planning to head down to the sewing room to put in some time on finishing the week 1 Celtic Solstice blocks before making our Christmas dinner of NY strip steaks and shrimp, with strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  Mmmmmm!

Remember when I started something small? At the beginning of the year I set a goal of completing one charm square quilt every month. I needed to finish one more charm square quilt to meet the goal, but Sinta and Sherri gave us December off from the Schnibbles quilt along.  So I chose to make Chip, a Little Bites pattern by Carrie Nelson. Carrie designed the pattern to be made with 2 1/2" mini charms, but she also gave directions in the pattern for a third version using one charm pack. After only using one charm pack of Midwinter Reds for last month's Liberty Joe, I still had one charm pack left.  Using only the red and cream fabrics, I made Chip into an octagonal table topper by using triangles on the corners instead of squares.

Here's a shot of the quilting from the backside:


Midwinter Chip has been gracing my dining room table for a couple weeks now.  Don't you love it when you meet your goals?

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