Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice - it's a start

Are you joining in with gazillions of other quilters to do the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice? I am!

I only recently "discovered" Bonnie Hunter (What? Have I been living under a rock?). As soon as I learned about the mystery quilt, I decided I wanted to join in. Since this is my first time, I decided to use the colors Bonnie suggested. Most if the time, I like to do my own thing. But, without knowing how the pieces will come together, I figured I better use her suggested colors. Next time I may strike out on my own color-wise (already sure there will be a next time!).

Since I do have a lot of other things I plan to sew/quilt in 2014, I'm planning to make my version smaller than the two options Bonnie gave, so I'm going to make half the blocks needed for the 75 x 75 size option.

Even with making the "mini" version, it seemed like it took forever to get the pieces cut from the first clue, but that's probably just because I do my cutting late at night!

I finished cutting the blue side triangles Sunday morning and got to sewing a few blocks together Sunday afternoon. Since I had some other sewing projects with deadlines, I only put together 10 units of each colorway.

Here's my start, 10 neutral and ten orange units:


  1. I swore that I'd strike out on my own color-wise this year (Easy Street from 2012 was my first BH mystery). But you know, Easy Street turned out so well, that I found myself following her color suggestions this year as well. Love your start on segment one!

  2. Great looking units! Welcome aboard the Bonnie Mystery train! LOL

  3. You are going to be hooked after one Bonnie mystery! :)