Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eyeglass Case

Here is a picture of the eyeglass case that came with my new prescription sunglasses:

It’s huge.  And leopard print.  Anyone that knows me knows I am not an animal print kind of gal.  Nope.  Not me.  Even so, I tried to use this case for a week.  I usually keep my sunglass case in the cup holder in my car when I’m driving.  This one won’t fit.  I also keep my sunglass case in my purse when I’m not driving.  This one won’t fit.  So I tried to put my new sunglasses in a different case from another pair of glasses.  They won’t fit.
So what’s a girl to do?  Why, she should make an eyeglass case herself!  I looked all over the internet for a tutorial and found this one.  But I wanted a flap with a cover, so I added that to the design.  Also, I pieced the front and back and lining pieces instead of using one long strip as shown in the tutorial. Since my sunglasses seem to be very thick when folded, I decided to make my eyeglass case wider. 
First, I measured the folded glasses from every angle.  Then I cut a piece of scrap book card stock to represent the flap, and used a small 7.5 oz soda can to trace a curve for the corners.
I made a sample using muslin and decided I could make the finished case an inch narrower.

I wanted my case to have some padding to protect these nice new glasses, so I added fusible fleece to the outer fabric layer (cut ½” shorter on all sides so the fleece is not in the seam allowance).  Then I quilted the outer fabrics – horizontally on the flap and vertically on the front and back pieces.

I added a magnetic snap to the front fabric and the lining of the flap, assembled the flap, turned it right side out and attached it to the outside back fabric.  From there, I pieced the front and back outside (seam at the bottom), and front and back lining.  After that, I followed the directions from the tutorial, making sure not to sew through the flap!  Because of the flap, my version is not reversible, but my glasses are more secure.
Voila!  A better looking, better fitting, eyeglass case!

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