Wednesday, April 3, 2013

45 Minutes

Sarah, the nice physical therapist, agreed with Dr. H that I should not do any activity for longer than 45 minutes before taking a break.  She said I have limited range of motion in my neck (turning side to side and bending my head down) as well as residual weakness in my left arm.  She gave me a few exercises and said we will be working on increasing the range of motion and strength for the next few weeks.

I decided to follow doctor’s orders and only work at one task for 45 minutes at a time.  So what can I accomplish in 45 minutes?

I can trim 24 hourglass blocks.

I can piece the center row of 18 Ohio Star blocks.

I can piece the top row of 18 Ohio Star blocks.

I can sew the center and top rows of the Ohio Star blocks.

I can rake a winter’s worth of accumulated leaves, pine needles and dog “gifts” from half the backyard.  

If it’s a windy March day, I can return an hour later and the yard will look like I never touched it (except that the dog “gifts” are still gone, thankfully)!

It looks like Dr. H and Sarah may be on to something.  If I stop sewing or doing housework after 45 minutes, then do my neck and shoulder exercises, then walk upstairs and fold a load of laundry, then start the cycle of sewing/exercise/laundry over again, I can get through a day of sewing and chores without too much pain.  Who knew?

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