Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend in Boston

I told you earlier in the week that we spent last weekend in Boston.  I had planned to post on Monday about the fun we had on our trip but due to the tragedy in Boston, I decided to delay this post.  I'm certain that the folks responsible for the bombings thought they would strike fear and terror into the hearts of average Americans.  But I know they don't reckon with the American spirit.  We did have fun in Boston before the bombings.  It has always been one of my favorite cities and the bombings won't and can't change that.  We will go back to Boston and have fun there again.  So that the bad guys don't win, I'm still going to tell you about the good time we had.  
Since the Quilt Expo was held about 40 miles west of Boston,my favorite big city, we decided to stay overnight there and do a few things we haven’t yet experienced.
We stayed on the waterfront and had a nice view from our room:

Since the guys were good enough to come with me to the quilt show, I figured they would enjoy a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery.  We got directions to the brewery from the hotel concierge and took the “T” to get there.  We got off the T at the Stonybrook stop and followed the directions to the brewery helpfully posted on the wall of the station.  Just outside the brewery was the Stonybrook Fine Arts studio.  Although this kind of sculpture is not my cup of tea, you have to admire the use of old tools and junk metal to create art. 

I really liked the ornamental gates in front of the studio:

I didn’t get any pictures inside the brewery, but we all had a good time on the tour and enjoyed the free tasting!

After the brewery tour, we took a trolley tour along the Freedom Trail.  Although we’ve walked along the Freedom Trail every time we’ve been to Boston over the years, the trolley tour was a great experience and we had a lot of fun!

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