Monday, April 29, 2013

Island Detour (aka Hat Trick)

Here's my version of Hat Trick using two packages of Tonga Treats batik fabrics in the Island Punch color way. 

I really enjoyed adding my own touches to this pattern by adding borders on the sides as well as the top and bottom and adding embroidery in the setting squares.

I'm calling my version Island Detour.


  1. Your version of Hat Trick is lovely! And I like how you put the borders on all four sides. It just seemed wrong to have them only on two sides!

    1. Thank you Nicole! I thought it needed the borders all the way around too! Did you make one this month too?

  2. I really enjoy your touches too! I love the embroidery.

    As for the side borders... they look great and I like the way they look on your quilt. I also like the way just the two borders looked on my quilt. :)

    Good job and congratulations on a beautiful Island Detour.