Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ohio Star Progress

I was up before the sun on Saturday and spent a little time working on graphing and coloring a few more options for the BGBOM April blocks.  I picked my three favorites and spent about an hour cutting the pieces to make the blocks.  I decided I want to make the quilt a bit bigger so I will be making 4 more blocks.  I will end up with 3 blocks for 4 of the designs. (I bet you can guess one of the blocks I won’t be making for a third time – you got it, Month 2!)  

I was running errands for most of the day but I did find a couple hours to spend in the sewing room in the late afternoon.   The third row of the Ohio Star blocks went together smoothly.  While Miss Maggie (the old lady dog) whined and carried on because it was getting close to dinner time, I finished all the blocks.  Then while Maggie really whined because it was a smidgeon past dinner time, I arranged all the blocks on the design wall so I could take a picture to document my progress and so I wouldn’t forget how I wanted the blocks laid out.

Ta Da!! Nothing left to do but cut the sashing strips and cornerstones, sew them all together, and feed the poor dog!!

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